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Temel Göstergeler

Turkish Pharmaceutical Market

The Turkish drug market reached 20.67 billion Turkish Liras (TL) in 2016. Unit sales reached 2.23 billion units.

Turkish Drugs Market (ex-factory prices)

Source: IMS, IEIS

Generic vs. Originator Drugs

Source: IMS,IEIS

Market Share of Generic vs Originator Drugs

Source: IMS,IEIS

Imported-Local Products


Market Share - Local vs. Imports


Pharmaceutical Consumption by Therapeutic Class

Oncologics is the largest therapeutical class in value terms, accounting for 11.3% of the total market.  

Pharmaceutical Consumption in Value Terms by Therapeutical Class


Pharmaceutical Consumption in Volume Terms by Therapeutical Class

Antibiotics represented the largest proportion by volume , accounting for 12.3% of the total market.  


Foreign Trade

Pharmaceutical exports reached $863 million in 2016, while imports decreased 6.4%. 

Source:TurkStat, IEIS