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Turkish-Saudi Delegation Meeting

By the collaboration of Turkish Medicines and Medicinal Devices Agency (TİTCK) and Turkish Pharmaceutical Exporters Platform which is coordinated by  our  Association, Turkish-Saudi Delegation Meeting was organized on 19 October 2016, in Istanbul. TİTCK Vice Presidents Dr. Ali Alkan and Fatih Tan, Head of International Relations Department Eda Cindoğlu, TİTCK Head of Medical Devices Sectoral Services Department Dr. Mehmet Baş, member companies of Turkish Pharmaceutical Exporters Platform and Saudi Arabia Health Delegation attended the meeting. Increasing exports to Saudi Arabia, harmonizing two countries’ regulations and making an agreement regarding mutual recognition of registration process were evalauted at the meeting.

Secretary General Turgut Tokgöz made a presentation about Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry and Turkish Pharmaceutical Exporters Platform. After the meeting a lunch was organized with the participation of Saudi Arabia Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Fawzan AlRabiah.


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