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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey expressed their gratitude in the event which was organized for the doyens of the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey (IEIS) organized an event in honor of the doyens who had brought the pharmaceutical industry to our present day. In the event which took place with the participation of industry representatives, IEIS Chairman Nezih Barut expressed his gratitude to the doyens of the industry and presented each with a plaque in rememberence of the evening.

In addition to celebrating the 100th birthday of Ali Suat Ulagay, representative of one of the leading companies in the sector, the event was organized to thank him, Bilim Pharmaceuticals founder Adil Karaağaç, Edgar Poffet and Güzin Poffet Tamaç who lead the establishment of Sandoz in our country, Kansuk Laboratories Founder İsmet Sözen’e, Fako ve Turgut Pharmaceuticals' founder Kaya Turgut, Lale Barlas of the Liba Laboratories founder, Mustafa Öncel who developed Biofarma and founded İlko Pharmaceutical and Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceutical's representative Nevhiz Pak for their contributions to the industry.

In the speech made by IEIS Chairman Nezih Barut, he said, “The production of pharmaceuticals in our country which has a history exceeding 100 years, first started in pharmacies and later advanced beyond a mortar and pestle process first to laboratories then later became factory work and transformed from being a pursuit to a science and then an industry.

We commemorate with respect and gratitude all of the pioneers in our past who have worked with devotion and effort during the transformation of our industry from pharmacies to laboratories and from laboratories to factories to its current position of which we are all infinitely proud.

Today we have come together to express our gratitude to our valued doyens. I would like to express gratitude on my own behalf, on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey and our whole industry to our doyens for all of their commendable contributions in our industry”.