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Our Association met with the committee under the leadership of the Irish Minister of Commerce and Development

The Irish Committee which made an official visit under the leadership of Irish Minister of Commerce and Development Joe Costello met with the IEIS Board at the Headquarters of our Association on March 28, 2012. Opportunities for cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals between the two countries were assessed in the meeting.

Our Association which carries out intense activities to increase the interaction of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with external markets had been working with the Irish public agency Enterprise Ireland towards assessing the cooperation and investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical fields of the two countries. The first step within this scope had been taken in last November at a meeting of senior level administrators of both sides in Dublin.

A presentation was given to the Irish Minister of Commerce and Development Joe Costello and the accompanying committee by General Secretary Turgut Tokgoz during their visit to IEIS on March 28, 2012.

IEIS Chairman Nezih Barut said the following in the meeting: “Both the structure of our pharmaceutical market which is open to development and the capacity of our pharmaceutical industry provide important opportunities between the two countries. I believe that these two countries which both have developed pharmaceutical industries also have many areas in which cooperation could be established and could both benefit from each other’s experience. In this context I think that the meeting of the committees will enable the relations in the pharmaceutical field to become more intense and increase healthy business partnerships between the companies.” 

Irish Minister of Commerce and Development Joe Costello that combining the power of Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry which had shown great development thanks to the strategic importance placed on the sector and Turkey’s pharmaceutical sector which has a well-rooted production culture and strong infrastructure carries great significance for both countries.